Let's cook for a cure!

Open up your garden, invite friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, stock up on food, fill the fridge with drinks, setup the WhatsApp group, sort the Spotify playlist…it’s summer…it’s time to cook for a cure, be a CL Lifesaver and raise £100 or more for our friends Cure Leukaemia…it’s time for your BIG SUMMER BBQ!


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Your Big Summer BBQ

Is there anything better than firing up the BBQ and enjoying great food and drinks with friends, colleagues or family whatever the weather? …Well yes! You can do all of this whilst raising £100 or more for our great friends at Cure Leukaemia to become a CL Lifesaver in the process. This summer is packed with ‘excuses’ to have a BBQ and there so many ways you could raise £100 – be creative, be whacky and make your BIG SUMMER BBQ one to remember!

Make it memorable

  • Have a BBQ when it’s sunny
  • Have a BBQ even if it’s rainy
  • BBQ with the girls
  • BBQ with the lads
  • Have a Father’s Day BBQ
  • Have a Vegan BBQ

Make it worthwhile

  • Charge £2 per burger
  • Ask for a £10 entry fee
  • Auction the best burger
  • Charge for drinks
  • Charge £1 per sausage
  • Have a BBQ raffle
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